Tuesday, February 20, 2007

God Warns us today & Guides us

*****In a night vision Christmas Eve, an angel was bowing before our convoy going into Iraq. His arms were outstreatched towards our convoy, he was crying so hard, his face was all wrinkled up, and the night vision was black & white (very bad) in a bright white light(a true serious warning)As I woke up, I was crying, I could feel His sadness (all morning long) I had need to ask God about the vision;these words came up from my spirit ,"STOP, GO BACK, YOU ALREADY HAVE GONE TOO FAR" very strong & powerful words. Then God brought to my memory a previous vision He had shown to me, where thousands were running on fire skin faling off(in that vision God had said Nuclear)So, in my spirit I know, if we go into Iraq(more men)they may meet up with Nuclear war or worse yet nuclear holocaust.
***** During intercessory prayer back mid 90's somewhere , thereabout,,suddenly in a vision I saw explosions off the water ,various places, and thousands oh upon thousands (seemed) were running on fire , skin falling off & God spoke "Nuclear"
***** God said, back then in the 90's ,pestilence were in our nation everywhere & nobody knows who they are or where they are & they are setting up their dirty deeds (way back then)and even now........He said,they will set canisters everywhere throughout our nation(the world)but the Word was about us,our nation,undetected by anyone, and they are nuclear & germs, and will be set off simultaniously , and we will respond to one catastrophy, and then another & anoher etc . that we will not be able to keep up w, them all.
*****Let us look at the news right now,end of Feb. '07......Ahmadinejad,Iran's leader;declares that his god,Allah, has told him to start the end time war, (Iraq is the end time war, leading to Armageddon)that will hasten the coming of ( THEIR MESSIAH) (Only Jesus Christ is Messiah); their messiah he says, will destroy all Israel , all Christians & Jews , all infidels(who will not convert to Islam) and save them.(God said to take ahmadinejad seriously)
***** I SEE in The Spirit & know, there is an evil presence in our nation, who will cause all of our accomplishments so far, w. President Bush, to be reversed.Partial birth abortion will be allowed,same sex marriages will be allowed, and our borders will be wide open.
God is allowing things to happen to our nation because:
  1. America bowed to another god(satan) doing away with Public prayer
  2. doing away w. the 10 commandments(God ,Deut.7:9)Know the Lord your God He is God, the faithful God which keeps covenant & mercy with them that love Him & keep His commandments to a thousand generations(forever)
  3. Can't mention Jesus(1Cor.5:7)our Once & for all sacrifice
  4. Want to do away with the Most Holy Name , our very creator,GOD
  5. murdering unborn babies by the million (which are God's heritage)
  6. allowing all kinds of sexual immorality which God forbids Lev.18 & 1Cor.6:9 & Gal.5:19-21 and Rom.1:24-32v.32 clearly tells us, if we are in agreement w/ them , we will suffer the same punishment.
  7. We like to think, most of America is born again , and they are not
  8. ask the average person on the street if they believe in heaven & hell, they say no to both or at least hell
  9. they think they will go to heaven ,even tho they do not know God
  10. Matt.7:21-23 many profess Jesus and are not saved, not saying that you believe is enough to save you(so no altar call confession of Christ(if not from your heart)will save you)without genuine REPENTANCE,(Luke13:3)which is to turn away from sins to Christ), if you do not...you will perish,(your soul in hell & the lake)
  11. Many think, because they go to church they are saved(NO)or because their parents are saved, so are they saved (wrong)or by being sprinkled with water or being dunked in water is how they are born again(wrong) your body cannot be born again, your first birth is by water(natural)sin nature; your 2nd birth (born again)or regeneration, or new Birth...)is (Spiritual)
  12. Only you, your spirit can be born again. it is supernatural , according to the will of God see John1:12,13 not by the will of flesh or blood nor of man(so no works, no baptism, can save you)but God.
  13. God says, if you seek Him with all of your heart soul & mind, you will find Him, when you truly seek Him & find Him, He will hear your heart & draw you unto His Son & His salvation.
  14. Once you hear or read & believe and ask Christ into your heart as your Savior, and you truly mean it, He will hear your heart & He will come in & dwell in you ( demonstrated in Rev.3:20 (the door is your heart.)hearing His voice is believing,opening the door is asking Him into your heart.(at this moment, is when you(your soul) is born again, Now He will seal you with His Spirit unto the day of your redemption Eph.1:13!!yes....Jesus is the sealer & Holy Spirit is the sealer!!!!see unto the day of your redemption?....You cannot lose your salvation. God will NOT ever lose one of His children.Eccl.3:6 get rid of what is not of God. Leave the sin behind and walk with God.Jesus said, He will not lose one the Father has given to Him nor can the devil snatch one out of the Father's hand.(so you do not lose your salvation.
  15. God is angered at all the mockery in the world today against Him & His Holy Name.Doing away with Him & doing away with what He did for us, so we could be forgiven & have everlasting life, by giving us His Son as our once & for all sacrifice...1Cor.5:7
  16. Look at Eph.2:1 sinners are already dead..this means , dead to God, no fellowship with God, because of your sins & not of Christ(not born again)
  17. Rom.3:23 all Have sinned ..............the only one to EVER be sinless was Christ , the pure Lamb of God, our once & for all sacrifice
  18. John14:6 God gave His Son, that whosoever will believe in Him shall not perish(luke13:3,Mark9:45,46 & Rev.20:10-14)in hell & the lake; but will have everlasting life
  19. John3:3 Jesus' own words, if youy are NOT born again, you will not see the Kingdom of heaven
  20. lately I noticed someone on TV said, SEE heaven meant, not comprehend ..see:another problem...........they pervert the Word of God....God's Word says exactly what it says, it needs no interpretation...
  21. 2Cor.4:2 they distort the Word of God & if the gospel be hid it is hid to them that are perishing(they are not born again)
  22. do not be caught dead without Christ .Today is the day of salvation; tomorrow may be too late, God could require your soul this very night.
  23. God is angry & He will allow all that is to come against our nation, for unbelief & sin. http://www.AIMPAGES.com/lady4emmanuel/profile.html
  24. I have a lot of teachings on salvation,repentance,confession,last days etc.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hearing God

Religion is man's idea of God's expectations of them. You live according to their rules & laws & if you do not do as they do you feel guilty & condemned.

oh, I forgot to pray today, or oh I didn't go to church , or oh I have to read 1 or 2 chapters in the Bible.

Why not just enjoy walking with God? Why not just enjoy knowing Him? Be yourself. Have a relationship with God, not a church, religion or denomination.well,yes you fellowship w. your brothers and sisters in Christ!!!BUT your relationship is with God.

Just enjoy being a Christian and stop acting the way you think a Christian should act & look........oh your hair is too short, or too long, you have to wear long dresses no slacks, no ear rings, be careful now,,,, don't laugh....don't have fun. Look like a pickle puse,and keep your place, and go to church all the time.Wrong.

A born again Bible believing Christian declares Jesus Christ , not their religion or denomination.Many think,because they go to church that makes them a Christian,wrong.........if you stand in a garage, will that make you a car?
*****Religion cannot save you.***** No Church can EVER save you,***** Only God can draw you unto His Son & His Salvation see John1:12,13 (you are not born again by the will of your flesh or your blood nor the will of a man; only by God.
if you have no abiding relationship with God & you are not living for Him, then you are serving your own self, your religion & not God.........all the religious rules & regulations.............whoa where is God in all of this?
*****Get comfortable with God,Know God, Know His Word...Enjoy God...don't just go to God when you are in trouble, we are in trouble all the time & only by God's Grace do we get & need His help all the time!!!
Eph.3:12 Christians have boldness ,freedom of speech before God AND access (the right of entering His presence)with confidence (assurance of being heard by God)by the faith of him (through relying on Christ for God to hear us.
Seek God with all of your heart soul & mind & ; you will find Him. Now; seek to walk & talk with Him.
~~~~~~~~~in This Blog I am just aquainting you with some of my expereinces with hearing God & His Help............He never leaves us.........we leave Him
#1 back as a child , standing by my house one day, I was 8 yrs old, I was talking to God & I asked Him could I see heaven. At that time it was in my spirit I saw, appeared to me as the garden of Eden.
#2 I died ,was pronounced dead on arival at the hospital.I woke up in intensive care 10 days later, Jesus brought me back; as I was waking up, He started to leave & I cried no , don't leave me.(The human brain can't recall anything in the spiritual, so if they say they died & tell you what it looked like,who they saw etc.(they lie)unless God clearly gives a revelation to it in their spirit)I have no recollection at all what it looked like there,how ever I have seen in a vision as I was taken up & did look in)but not when I died.) As He left I saw hospital curtains, My Dr. Explained to me what happened , how he just would not give up on me, because he was holding my wrist , asking God why? and he said, he felt 1 pulse & did not give up on me. Glory be to God
~~~~~~~~~~~after this, on a regular basis, when I would go to sleep at night, I always went there. This lady w. a high pitched(irritating voice) would always loudly say"What is she doing here, she's not suppose to be here, send her back .I would wake up - Mad , that she yet again sent me back !!!This went on a long time, until I started telling it.Then it never happened again.
#3 God saved my life 6X swimming , tangled up in sea weed, suddenly I was released & by His power did I make it to shore. I was too weak.
#4 A friend & me went to a Rest. There was nobody there , just the waiter & me & my friend. I went to the restroom, and as I entered in a Lady wearing a blue silky dress brushed against me, I said; well, excuse me , huh? When I came out of the rest room , I asked where had the blonde lady gone? They said, no one else was there, Just us. So, now I know; not to go there again... we left & that night the Rest . burned down.(God gives angels charge over us)
#5 Traveling to Fla, that same angel appeared up on a hill, waving what appeared as a traffic wand ( as if to motion me over)95S; I said to my step Dad & my grand son, lets rest a while & have a soda. We stayed in Burger King an hour. There had been a HUGE car pile up & many died & it was a lot of hours before the highway was opened again, we had to take another route & took a motel for the night, there was no getting back on the highway(95S that evening)we would have been in that pile up.(badly injured or dead.)
#6 Once I was witnessing online to a person who (unbeknown to me) had no intention of seeking Christ & His salvation but had an idea of converting me (away from Christ) 3X the computer shut down on me(in my soul I knew it was God, finally, w. a divine force, I was taken into the kitchen(talk about being taken out to the wood shed(kidding) God was (in the spiritual realm)bright strobing light surrounding me, He said, not to witness to him, that he hated Him & wanted to cause me harm. I said, well, can I go and tell him this & say good bye? I did, I said, God forbids that I have any more conversation with you, so this is good bye.
I never saw that screen name again.
#7 Sept of '97, we had a storm, the strobing lightening woke me up, as I went to close the window , I clearly heard God say, Tornado, immediately the lights went out; we felt our way into the living room,I tried looking out & I couldn't see the lightening was so bright & strobing , blinding. I became scared, I cried to God, Please help me find my keys, I might have to leave & I can't find them. God aloud said, "you will be ok, you will not have to leave. I said, well, where are they? I will put them in the bowl & go to sleep.By His divine force , He guided me into the kitchen , placed my hand behind the kitty litter box & unto the keys...I put them in the bowl , and we went to sleep. Found out the next day everyone had spent the night in their basements. There was a lot of damage , luckily only 2 people had died.
#8 We were planning on moving to Fla. in my sleep, an angel was squeezing my head so hard, it hurt; causing me to partly wake up, I knew to move my hand aside, as a huge black demon passed out from my body & out of the house(I knew in my spirit , I had gone to a psychic (after my son died)and that is how I became posessed by a demon spirit. they contact the dead, not God, even tho that is who they say they cantact.....and those spirits possess you, never go to psychics Read Deut.18 God forbids calling up the dead..........and the devil knows all about you & your life, your family etc. and can even immitate them.Beware.as I was falling back to sleep,the angel kept saying over & over, don't go to Fla.(warning, I did ignore, you will see later on in my posts)
#9 I had moved into a new place, slippery floors...1st morning I slipped in the kitchen, falling backwards, my foot went under the refrigerator; ( I have a bad back, it would have been devistating had I fallen all the way down)I felt the force of (an angel) catch me & lift me back up on my feet (un hurt)
#10 Next morning, I went to put a dish in the dish washer, slipped again, 1 foot under the dishwasher door, the other behind me,I twisted forward & down,I landed in a position I know would have maybe broken some bones, & I certainly would have either not been able to get back up, or at least it would have taken me a long time getting back up.........I was lifted back up instantly.As though nothing at all had happened.(glory be to God!!)
#11 coming back from Fla. Once,on 95N, my car was over heated, needle all the way to the top..no steering wheel, no gas pedal, no brakes. My Step Dad , grand son & myself , going 65 mph. I cried to God, please God help us, get us off the highway where we will be safe, my car is over heated , no steering,no brakes, no gas pedal. I turned into the inside lane instantly, held all the way 65 mph. and quite a ways before an exit(as you know S.C.)finally an exit, I turned off, there was a stop sign ahead & lots of fast traffic. I cried , God , look a stop sign, and speeding traffic. we came to a dead stop right at the stop sign.(the car was dead & junked)
#12 planning to move to Fla. God spoke into my spirit to read psalm 137, it is all about grief, tears, oppression etc. Well,, I told God, I trust you I know you will take care of us.I went anyway....well, we could not live where we always had before ( in Largo) nothing at all available, we ended up in an area we knew not at all, and I did grieve Largo. My Step Dad ended up in the hospital, God spoke to me one day, "Now is the time, Christopher(grandson) will be with his mother.I made immediate arrangements w. my daughter for Chris to fly up to her. This was in Aug. My Step Dad passed away in Oct.(this is why the angel repeatedly told me not to go to Florida, I ignored it & then God spoke into my spirit to read Psalm 137)see? Never ever ignore warnings from our Holy God, or one of His angels.
#13 as a child I had no up bringing at all, I was not at all taught anything, nor was I ever told , "I love you" all we knew was the razor strap, and we wore black & blue marks to school all the time. needless to say, I was doing things children just do not do........the main point here is (God actually brought me up, He taught me right from wrong)!!!that's right!!In my Spirit I knew God's correction & approval & teachings.
I always would have a warning when something was going wrong, danger was ahead etc.(glory be to God)!!!
#14 When my Grandson was up here & my step Dad had passed away, I was all alone in Fla. Just me & my dog. 100 degrees all the time. I decided to move back to NY.............God spoke to me aloud,saying,"register & insure your car down here"I said, NO, I want everything NY not anymore to do w/ Fla.(never tell God NO)
long story short, the title of the car could not be located anyplace, and my car sat for 3 months, where I had to walk & get a ride everywhere I went.
#15 I believe God brought me back up here. First off , remember my bad back...driving was difficult on my back .First off, there had been terrible fires everywhere throughout Fla. and God did tell me, the way was made clear .so I never thought about that again......I only recall 2 stops for gas,bathroom ,food & 1 stop to sleep.IT felt like I didn't make a trip at all, I was here in way less then 24 hrs. I could not believe it, nor could my children.I can't find the words to describe this, but what I am saying here , and again Glory be to God for He is an awesome God!!!
I hope my stories help you to see how great it is to walk with God in Christ Jesus by His Spirit!!!
God wants the best for us, all we have to do is want Him & love Him & surrender 100% unto God , do you know, in Christ is no sickness? and sin cannot live where Christ dwells? neither can there be death where Christ reigns.
Trust & Obey.........receive Him , surrender to Him, ask Christ in & know what Real Life is in Christ/
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I love God & I love talking about Him & teaching about Him!!
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